Time Title Artist Album Label Genre
10/20/2018 06:01 pm Balls To The Wall Accept Balls To The Wall
10/20/2018 06:01 pm Jack Frost Liner Jack Frost Liner Jack Frost Liner
10/20/2018 06:01 pm WNJR, Washington (Legal ID) Sarah Latzo
10/20/2018 05:57 pm Saints Of Los Angeles Motley Crue Saints Of Los Angeles
10/20/2018 05:54 pm Heart Fulla Rock 'N Roll Biters Electric Blood
10/20/2018 05:50 pm Faith Hope Enuff Z'nuff
10/20/2018 05:49 pm Steve Radio Sun Liner Steve Radio Sun Liner Steve Radio Sun Liner
10/20/2018 05:45 pm Red Hot and Ready Y and T Ten
10/20/2018 05:42 pm Wrong Side of Town Coney Hatch Friction
10/20/2018 05:41 pm Guys' Night Out Ad Council
10/20/2018 05:41 pm WNJR Olivia Liner Olivia Long
10/20/2018 05:35 pm Dark City Raquel Raquel
10/20/2018 05:35 pm WNJR Klaymore Radio Spot Klaymore Liner
10/20/2018 05:35 pm WNJR, Washingon (Legal Identification) Jenna Syde
10/20/2018 05:31 pm Burning Heart Bonfire Legends
10/20/2018 05:27 pm Big Guns Skid Row Skid Row
10/20/2018 05:24 pm Diamond Baby Blues Lee Aaron Diamond Baby Blues
10/20/2018 05:24 pm WNJR Darren Lazzari Liner Axtion Liner
10/20/2018 05:23 pm Bad Security Larry Farmazy: Pennsylvania Moment
10/20/2018 05:23 pm WNJR Liner Brandon Charles
10/20/2018 05:19 pm Rock You Like A Hurricane Sinergy Undercover In The Fourth World
10/20/2018 05:14 pm Find Another Way Heaven's Edge Heaven's Edge
10/20/2018 05:09 pm Celebration Black Bambi One Night Only
10/20/2018 05:09 pm Jan: Beasto Blanco Liner Jan: Beasto Blanco Liner Jan: Beasto Blanco Liner
10/20/2018 05:09 pm WNJR, Washington (Legal Identification) Greg Uhrlen